Non-Profit Organizations


To be considered for an award, an organization must meet the following criteria and submit a Non-Profit Fact Sheet Form (download with the grey button to the right):


  • Organization must be a non-profit recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization.

  • It must be located in and serve the people of Napa County and all donated funds must stay in Napa County.

  • Please, no Religious or Political organizations at this time.

  • Organization must have an Annual Operating Budget of at least $100,000.

  • Organization must have been established for more than 3 years

  • It must be willing to send a representative to our meeting to share how the money will be spent.

  • It must agree not to create, sell, or distribute a list with our members' contact information, and agree not to solicit our members directly for further contributions.

  • An organization not selected at one meeting will remain in the draw for subsequent meetings.

  • A successful organization who receives funds is not eligible for 3 years for future consideration.

  • Voting will take place by secret ballot and simple majority wins.

  • Ties will be decided by further votes. If a tie persists, the membership will randomly select one of the tied organizations by draw.

  • The recipient of funds from the prior meeting will give a five minute update on how the funds donated at the previous meeting were used by the successful organization. This occurs while we are counting the votes.

  • The organization agrees to provide individual thank you/tax receipts directly to contributing members.

  • It must fill out and submit a Non-Profit Fact Sheet form, which is available HERE. Please submit form by mailing to 100 Men Who Give a Damn, c/o NEWS, 1141 Pear Tree Lane, Suite 220, Napa CA 94558 or fax to (707) 224-1560.